25 Tips And Trick To Manage Christmas. (50 days Till Xmas)

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It’s that time of year again, when Christmas is around the corner and we are all wondering, where has the time gone?  We have 50 days till Christmas! This used to be when I would start panicking and stressing over the season.  But it’s all about planning, I’m not a particularly organised person however I am working on it. Somehow I manage to have Christmas down to a T. Probably because it’s the one time of year all of my energy is on DIY projects and I am completely in my element.

So I’m going to give you my 25 tips and tricks to prepare for Christmas. This is what works for me, I am no expert but this is how I have a stress free Christmas.

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  1. Breathe, take a deep breath as it’s about to get real intense real quick.
  2. Have a realistic budget- Christmas does not mean you have to go bankrupt.
  3. Stick to your budget.
  4. Limit your gifting, couples gifts rather than individuals. This way you avoid getting ‘naff’ gifts for partners and save some money.
  5. Have a gift limit for kids, they get bored after opening a few gift and end up forgetting what they were given.
  6. Use Christmas as a season not a day, you don’t have to cram seeing every family member on one day.
  7. Aim to get all gifts by the first week of December. This isn’t always achievable with only 50 days but if you can this really helps.
  8. Secret Santa’s are great for saving money.
  9. Set gift limits with partners. If you yet a cash limit this stops the awkward ‘insignificant’ gift feeling.
  10. DIY gifts are great ( I don’t mean a4 paper cards). But baked goods and festive treats serve as a great affordable yet personal gift.
  11. Re-use decorations. I’m known for going all out with decorations but I keep what I buy each year as I will re-use them at some point.
  12. Up-cycle!! Re-vamp old baubles, this is super easy, affordable and great fun for kids. Glitter, Glue and ribbons… Let your imagination get carried away.
  13. It’s Okay to just decorate 1 room.
  14. Home décor you already have can make great Christmas decorations, candles, jars, mirrors…
  15. String lights are your best friend. Everything looks better with lights.
  16. Shop around, take some time out to look around and browse before you buy. This avoids over buying and over spending.
  17. Do ‘The Christmas Shop’ Bit by bit, start from the end of the first week in December.
  18. Buy what you are going to use. I’m so guilty of buying food we ‘might’ want over the season and end up wasting so much.
  19. Prepare food ahead of time. If you are going to be the one entertaining it is so easy to lose track of things and become over whelmed.
  20. DO IT YOURSELF. Canapés and appetizers are so simple to make from scratch and work great if you are ‘bringing a plate’.
  21. It’s okay to ask for help. Especially if you are having guests, share the burden.
  22. Relax! Nothing is worse than being invited somewhere and the host is on edge. It’s Christmas, not a job interview.
  23. Kids will entertain themselves.
  24. Make sure you are stocked up on batteries- I feel like nothing comes ‘ready to use’ anymore.
  25. Disposable Tableware!!! After a long day of cooking and entertaining who has the energy to tackle the dishes? You get luxury disposables now if you are worried about how it will look. Even the foil roasting trays are a godsend!

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Most importantly HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS and enjoy the time spent with loved ones! Christmas can be a nightmare for some because of all the fuss or the price point. None of that really matters.

Time waits for no one so enjoy the time you have.

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