30 Things I’ve Learned In 30 Years

30 Things I’ve Learned In 30 Years

Chapter 30 has arrived, and it has been one hell of a ride. Yes I did contemplate sleeping the day away so it never technically happened, and yes I have an overwhelming feeling of being old. But I know it will pass, at 21 I felt old. Now I look back and think I was a baby and knew nothing about the big bad world. What I can say is that in my 30 years I have learned alot of life lessons so let me share a little:


1| Goals change, that’s okay.


 It’s great to set achievable goals and have plans for the life you want to live. But it’s okay if those goal posts change. There is no harm in changing your mind, it’s so easy to feel judged or like a failure because you simply do not have the same drive or passion for something as you once did. Whether is be a career or a timeline you had set for yourself, life and experience happen. We change.


2| Organization really does make life easier.


I’ve always hated routine with a passion, but over the last few years I have focused on becoming more organized. I used to watch my Dad write his to do list for the day (on pen and paper) every morning and by the end of the day everything would be ticked off. I thought it was a bit much. 


But now I have alarms for everything, memo’s that pop up throughout the day to keep me to a schedule and I feel much better for it. Even something as simple as waking up at the same time everyday or just making your bed makes such a difference.


3| It’s okay to say no.


4| Be grateful for good health.


It can all go down hill very quickly, be it physical or mental. 


5| Celebrate your achievements.


Small milestones matter, sometimes we are so tunnel visioned with focusing on the destination we forget to enjoy the ride.


6| Get to know yourself.


Learn what you like and dislike, do things on your own. Treat yourself to dinner and a movie, there is something so liberating about doing things that intimidate you on your own.


7| Everybody is not going to like you, and that’s okay.


8|Take Pictures.


9| Making friends as an adult can be hard.


Alot of us have people in our lives we have known forever and because of that we don’t really let new people in. But then we don’t let go of relationships that are toxic to us, because of this we don’t trust new people. Be open.


10| Celebrate the success of others.


Let it motivate you not discourage you. It’s easy to feel everyone is winning but you, the truth is everyone’s journey is not the same.


11|You can fold a fitted sheet.


 I saw it on youtube.


12| Composure is key.


The loudest voice in the room seldom belongs to the most intelligent mind. 


13| Stop apologizing.


Not for actual reasons, stop apologizing for having an opinion and mind of your own. And definitely stop apologizing for nothing, I used to have people knock in to me and without thinking I would turn around and say sorry. . .  I did nothing.


14| Skincare is important.


My skin has changed so much over the last 5 years, now I make sure I drink my water and take care of my skin.


15| Be Accountable.


Know when the world is not against you but you keep making poor choices. This doesn’t mean beat yourself up for poor decisions, but acknowledge them and accept the lesson.


16| Time fly’s.


Make the most out of your time and prioritise it accordingly.


17| Weed is not for everyone.


18| Say yes to opportunities.


I had a really bad habit of talking myself out of taking chances and opportunities due to self doubt.


19|Think twice about facial piercings.


The tiny scars become so annoying.


20| Try new things.


Life is for living.


21| Don’t be afraid to show your intelligence.


22| Its okay to not be okay.


We put pressure on putting on a brave face and getting on with it but really it does us no good. Because we hang on to things and let them build up. Be present in you feelings, they are valid.


23| |Be gentle with your eyebrows.


It’s so easy to go overboard.


24| Everybody is not going to support your dreams.


That is not important. If you have a passion for something, try it. It is way too easy to be discouraged by other people’s views.


25| Don’t stop learning.


There are lessons in everything.


26| Speak up.


27| Parents are people.


Growing up my parents were just Mum and Dad, as I got older I got to know them properly and they were pretty damn cool.


28| Don’t sweat the small stuff.


 You will drive yourself crazy.


29| Be curious not judgmental.


Nobody owes you an explanation. We all have our own moral codes.


30| Listen to hear not to respond.


It makes you a much better friend.



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