About Me



Who am I?  I find myself often answering this question with the opening line ‘loving mother of two…’ Truth is yes I am a mother of two beautiful girls however this is neither my job role or description. I guess it’s just the ‘go to’ answer once you have children i don’t know whether it’s because of the overwhelming love you feel towards your  kids or just because of feeling guilty or judged for not mentioning them.

I don’t know, either way I am Felicia-Juliana a lover of all things art, self-confessed makeup junkie and fashion enthusiast with a mean eye for photography. In ways i am your typical girly girl minus the close-knit group of female friends. However I do have two sisters I am extremely close to… who needs friends when you have family I guess.

Starting this blog is an outlet, a little me time in this hectic life of mine, so be prepared for complete and utter randomness, sincerity and rawness I am disgustingly unpolitically correct so if your open to all of that sit back enjoy the ride.

Welcome to my world…

All view expressed are purely my opinion.