The Art Of Being Ones Self


So my story begins standing in the Queue at my local Asda 5 minutes before closing so as you can imagine it took at least 20 minutes to become the ‘next customer’. I had been in the Que a while before the man in front of me turned around, looked at me and said “Oh! you’re wearing a lot of makeup aren’t you?” “Yes I am” I replied. Suddenly we ended up in a
conversation about make up, my makeup in particular that resulted in him asking ” why don’t you just slap a little eyeliner on? like everyone else around here”. I looked him dead in the eye, gave him a little smile and explained that i simply am not everyone else so i express myself how i feel fit and on that day this is how i chose to do my makeup.

I thought that was the end of our discussion, he smiled and said ” Okay, I’m glad you’re not afraid to be different”. Ten minutes later just as he is finished being served, he looked back at me, complimented my makeup and we parted on him saying “Don’t stop being your self”

It’s amazing to me how a very brief encounter with a random stranger left me thinking, why was this man so shocked that i am comfortable just being myself. I have never been a person who wants to ‘fit in’ or cut a fringe because everyone has a fringe but i know so many people feel awkward or afraid to be different or the ‘odd’ one out in a group. Truth be told i would feel awkward and afraid if   just blended in. That has never been me.

I’m not sure where the belief that we should all look the same or make an effort to just fit in for the sake of it comes from. No i don’t quite believe it’s all social media and standards we set ourselves to have what we see other people have. I believe it’s much more than that, i think it starts quite early on (well these days) I’m not against school uniforms at all. Or uniforms in the workplace how ever i do think extreme examples are partly to blame for this need to fit in.

I worked in retail for years before starting a new job and being told to remove my nose stud, put a plaster on my finger because it’s tattooed(non-offensive design) and once even forced to serve customers with a plaster on my mouth because of a tiny stud in my lip. I think society makes us conform so much it breaks down self-confidence and strips individuality from us.

Now yes there is the debate that I wear ‘a lot’ of makeup so am I really being myself… My answer YES. I wear makeup because i like it, i wake up everyday and get to start over with a blank canvas and make it what i want for that day and i am completely comfortable without make up on too.

I’m definitely on a mission to raise my girls to be comfortable to just be themselves even if there are awkward moments along the way I really and truly believe that composure and confidence are key, in all situations.

Fear is your friend, if  it doesn’t scare you a little is it worth it?






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    20th September 2016 / 10:14 pm

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    24th September 2016 / 8:19 pm

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    1st October 2016 / 1:47 pm

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    8th February 2017 / 12:51 pm

    Thanks alot hun. I know right i don’t know why people think having the right to freedom of speech means its their prerogative comment and critic the actions of someone else. Thanks for reading 🙂 xfjx