Attention To Detail.

Attention To Detail.

So often in life we cut corners and opt for things that require minimal effort. Even avoiding situations or events for want of an easy life. But why? What makes us become so lacks in our approach to life? Paying attention to detail is essential yet we do everything to avoid it.

Laziness is one thing, but that is not a viable excuse to drift through life. Now I am not preaching to anybody about their life choices. But trying to understand and even change my own thought pattern at times.

copyright of Felicia-Juliana photography

copyright of Felicia-Juliana photography

Where is the turning point when a switch goes off and you stop making an effort for yourself? All of the ‘little things’ we want to change in our lives are often an accumulation of completely preventable occurrences. If only we had payed attention to detail when they happened and not just left things till later.

Work life.

I’m guilty of keeping jobs I hated because of becoming so stuck in the mundane routine. Or having that ‘can’t be arsed’ attitude. The old ‘oh well its paying my bills’ but that only lasted so long before getting to the point of ‘I’m sick of it’. Getting stuck in a rut, instead of taking action because my time is valuable. Too valuable to waste being unhappy.


I’ve stayed is relationships ‘just because’, knowing that it is not working but staying to ‘keep the peace’. When really it’s best to calls it quits once you know you’re unhappy or you can’t see a future together. It never spares the other persons feelings staying once you have already mentally checked-out. It’s just a selfish excuse we use to rationalise to make ourselves feel better.


Those many times I’ve not worked out because of being too lazy. Not shaved my legs because I can’t be bothered, ordered food knowing I’ve got a full fridge…. And then had the nerve to moan about all of the things only I can change. Lack of attention to detail within myself is probably the worst, I know I am my own worst enemy.

copyright of Felicia-Juliana photography

copyright of Felicia-Juliana photography

I’m honest about my flaws, I believe it is important to know and accept your flaws. Work on them of course but don’t be oblivious to them. It’s important to constantly look for ways better yourself, I truly believe you attract what you give out.


Do better.

Feel better.

Be better.





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