5 Things That Annoy Me About Social Media.


I am an avid user of social media, so much so when I got my phone upgrade I stunned the store manager with my 90GB+ data monthly usage. I believe social media is positive for the most part and a great way to connect with like minded people. It is a great platform to use for promotion and just interaction as it is so much easier to talk to strangers from behind a screen. With accounts on most social media apps plus a blog I am constantly online and as much as I love it, there are a few things I can’t stand.


On Twitter and Instagram this is such a big thing, people following you so you follow back just so they can unfollow. Who has time for that? Like, honestly you have to really commit if you are going to play those silly games. The sad thing is it makes me think twice about following people back.


Insights/analytics are great. They are a brilliant way of tracking your engagement which helps a lot if you plan posts. However I think insights make it really easy for people to obsess over numbers. I am too lazy to check my insights daily to be honest. But what bugs me is constantly seeing people tweet about the followers they are losing. Or hearing people say they would post something but they may lose followers over it. I’m just like as long as you are not posting hate posts it’s not that deep. Not everything is for everyone.


A lot of people live on social media and are constantly comparing themselves to other people, putting themselves down and aspiring to unrealistic goals. For me, I don’t compare myself to other people as I believe you should be competing with yourself to constantly do better. But I have been compared to other people and I find that just as annoying. It doesn’t offend me but I’m like no…. I’m just me. Truth be told I’m that person that if you say I look like someone I will point out every single thing that shows we don’t lol.


This can be a difficult one. I find that if you are trying to do something for yourself and promote it online you receive support from strangers the most. Now in the long run that is great as you are trying to build a following.

However when you are starting out gaining support from friends/family can be a mammoth task. They may even tell you they support you or like what you are doing, but not on social media. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter…. People you actually know face to face are just not as supportive. I don’t know whether it’s out of scepticism, genuinely not liking what you do or being sly haters but it’s just the way it goes.


In life you are always going to encounter ‘cliques’ of people and social media is no different. My issue is if the goal is to grow your audience/engagement of social media, wouldn’t mixing with different people be the way to do so? Especially if you are on social media to build a following for whatever you do. But I find people prefer to stay within these safe tight knit groups where you support each other and only each other.  Maybe I’m the odd one and this makes sense, who knows? It just seems counterproductive to me.

What are your social media pet peeves?

Do you think social media is positive?