10 Thoughts When Cutting A Fringe.



When change is in the air it seems that our hair is the first victim or at least for women. After a break up, wedding, baby, or just as a new start is on the horizon our hair is the ‘go to’ change. This being said I’m known for changing my hair like I change my knickers but that’s due to me being highly impulsive. I skip the really wanting something and it turns into a need and before you know it I’ve already made the decision and I’m contemplating what I ‘need’ next.

Funny thing is I would dye my hair any colour, chop it all off or get stupidly long extensions however the thought of cutting a fringe scares the shit out of me.  Over the years I’ve had a love hate relationship with a fringe and I go through the same crazy thought process each time.

  1. Yeah I really like how they look I need one.
  2. It will look so cute with a ponytail.
  3. I’m ready for this.
  4. Let’s try a few styles with a faux fringe.
  5. Of course I can maintain it.
  6. Do I really want to have to straighten it all the time?
  7. Are curly fringes even a thing?
  8. I can always clip it back if I change my mind.
  9. How long will it take to grow out?
  10. Ugh, I hate the feeling of my hair in my lashes.

But being me having supposedly weighed up my options, I do it, I take the plunge… And within two weeks… okay a week I’m sweeping it to the side.

I’ve decided to stick to a long fringe… for now. Short enough to wear a full fringe but long enough to tie back and change my partings.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, it’s not long because I’m scared to deal with a proper fringe…



Do you have debates with yourself over something you always seem to go back to?

Are fringes more work than they are worth?



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