Sun Kissed Skin At Home.


With summer approaching we tend to show more skin, and often skin that has been hidden all winter. Often I find myself with a golden face and chest but pale beige legs and who wants that? So I fake it, I love being bronze and I think sun kissed skin looks so healthy.

About 7-8 years ago I was into tanning beds but with all the horror stories and health risks I steer clear of them now. I create gorgeous glowing sun kissed skin from the comfort of my home and do this in a few ways depending on my mood.


Self Tan.

Self tanning products give you an instant tan that gets deeper over a period of time, usually 4-8hrs.

I use one of these once or twice a month, all dependant on when I wax. I use this when my skin is at its palest. Which is usually after I wax, as before I wax, my skin is thoroughly exfoliated. This is also the best way to prepare your skin for a self tan. My self tan of choice is the ‘St.Moriz- 5 in One Tanning Mousse’ in Dark. Having used their products for at least 5 years and this one is my favourite. It does not leave me orange and gives me a streak free tan with longevity.


Gradual tan.

These are products that build a tan over a period of time.

Over the years I have used so many different gradual tan body lotions and I definitely have experienced both good and bad. Generally these lotions come with a certain scent that I am really not fond of. I find the ‘Dove-Summer Glow’ quite bearable and use the shade dark to build a natural looking tan. I have never had any problems with this streaking, it always gives me an even glow.

My current favourite is the ‘Palmers Cocoa Butter-Gradual Tan’ The smell is stronger than the Dove-Summer Glow but I prefer the tan I get from this. For one you get more of a visible result with this product, and it lasts longer because I don’t use it daily. Sometimes I will use this once a week and use the Summer Glow just to enhance it once or twice is that week.

Instant Tan.

These are a great quick fix, as they wash off so you can be as tanned as you like and just wash it off later.

I don’t really use these as don’t like that they wash off but there is one I love and that is the ‘Sally Hansen- Airbrush Legs’ in deep glow. Originally  I started using this because I have a scar on one of my legs and used to be very self-conscious about it. This spray hid it so well and soon became a staple if I was going on a night out. These days my scar is much lighter and doesn’t really bother me. I do still use this spray for that extra tan if my legs are going to be out all day. It just gives you a flawless finish (also great if those tiny hairs are starting to come through lol).

Bronzers & Enhancers.

I never tan my face. I prefer to use bronzers and highlighters to achieve a healthy glow. The NYX matte bronzers and Hoola Bronzer by Benefit are staples in my makeup bag. Although I do switch up my bronzers often, at the moment im loving matte bronzers.

Dry oils are also amazing for giving your skin a subtle glow. My ride or die dry oil is ‘The Body Shop-Shimmering Dry Oil’ in honey kiss. I have used this longer than I can remember, it’s great for highlighting parts of your body or an all over glow.



Do you fake it too?

What are your favourite tanning products?