The Perfect Fall Pallet

morphe 35om

Really and truly I don’t have to say anything, I could just post a picture and leave it as that.

The visuals are more than enough to convince anyone that this is the perfect fall pallet. BUT I have a big mouth and I talk a lot (owning my flaws) so I’m gonna ramble on and try and convince any non-believers out there.


I took forever to jump on the Morphes Brushes band wagon, I was extremely hesitant as these pallets resemble the old Manly120 eye shadow pallets from Ebay, and I am well and truly over that ‘phase’. Everyone who loved makeup about 7 years ago had that pallet.

But Morphe Brushes are a unique and good quality brand with such a vast and diverse collection that no matter what your preference is ‘they got you’. On to my fav, the 35O, this pallet comes in an all shimmer, all matte and mixed version.  35OM(matte) is my favourite and it is perfect for fall.


35 warm, rich, deep brown, orange tones… perfect transition colours for any skin tone. They feel so soft and creamy and are super pigmented even without a primer. I love that you can create soft natural looks with it or just go full glam with a smoky cut crease. This pallet really is a must have for any make up lover.