Nonsense Or Nostalgia

Nonsense Or Nostalgia

We all know that fashion ‘comes back around’. I’ve always rolled my eyes that this,’ thinking well this time it looks better just let us enjoy it’. I never understood whether it was nonsense or nostalgia, why we re-invent fashion. For the first time fashion is making me feel old, these 90’s
inspired looks showcasing grunge, metalics, platformed or chunky heels and even ‘fluffy’ shoes and bags. I can’t help but look at these things and today’s teens and think ‘you’re wearing it wrong’.

I finally understand how my mum felt when we would argue over fashion and how things should be worn. Neither of us was wrong I just felt I was ‘more right’ due to me growing up in the present day… young mentality, I know.

Hate to admit this but when I’m under the weather nothing makes me feel better than curling up and watching ‘Clueless’ or ’10 Things I hate about you’. Anyone who knows me will know I can’t watch ANYTHING giving it a fashion overview and obsessing over the styling. When I sit back and watch these films I can’t help but be defensive over the fashion.

90’s Fashion to me was just so fun and anything could work really as long as it had one statement item.

Full tracksuits (loungewear).

Laid back over sized sweats with a super fitted top just worked, for years I’ve said tracksuits belong in the gym.  But recently I’ve found myself looking like hmm maybe, these used to be so cute.

Nothing can beat a Choker.

I love a good choker.  Whether you are going for something grungey or more elegant a choker is the way forward. Ok as I’m typing this I’m realising I get more excited by this than most people but I went through a’ Goth’ phase. I loved heavy metal and rock but was OBSESSED by gothic fashion.

Chunky ankle boots.

Or in the words of my 10 year old self ‘spice girl boots’. Yes, when I grow up I want to be scary spice was my answer for the longest time. I found myself in a shop two weeks umming and ahhing over a pair of these boots. I talked myself out of buying them, got to the till and yes I made the lady wait while I picked up these boots.

Usually I would be second guessing my purchase on the way home, but I haven’t been more proud of a purchase in a long time.


I really do try and tell myself oh just let the new generation have their fun and enjoy 90’s fashion. But all of these bomber jackets and pompoms for your hand bag just pull me back and I’m like back off kids its mine hahaha.

There are things that I will never touch again though like a Puffa jacket. These things are the most comfortable and ugly things ever and if I picked one up It would have to be pried off of me as I’d wear it 24/7. Micro backpacks never have and never will be my thing. These tiny unpractical, for a toddler- looking things are just an eyesore to me. I could just about put my phone in one, but hey each to their own.

On a lighter note, any fashion designers out there….  Skirt-trousers need a comeback! What better way to wear a mini skirt without being scared to bend over. My sisters and I lived in them when we were kids. Okay this is getting way too nostalgic right now.

Does fashion make you nostalgic? Or do you think trends should be left in their era?



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