Giving Up Breastfeeding-The Aftermath.

Giving Up Breastfeeding-The Aftermath.

So you’ve finally made it through months of breast feeding and you are ready to ween baby off?  There are a few things you should know can happen during this process. My eldest stopped breastfeeding with no problem what so ever, she got to six months and didn’t want it anymore. She was eating three meals a day and having bottles (formula) in between meals. One morning I tried to feed her and she refused the boob, I was devastated. I don’t think I was ready for her to not need me, or at least that’s how it felt. Within about two weeks I had my first period and then things just went back to ‘normal’. This worked out to my advantage as I was going back to work and expressing was one less this to worry about.

Baby number two…. 6 months old and she only wants it in the morning. So it’s time to get her off, I started preparing a bottle for her before she wakes up so she doesn’t try to feed. That’s worked well and she hasn’t breastfed for 2-3 weeks. Now she doesn’t even attempt to feed so she is happy with our new routine. Brilliant.

Not for me, there a few crazy things going on with me that I was not expecting at all. It was so simple the first time round I just assumed it would be the same again.


Generally I have really good skin, the most I ever get are a few tiny white spots around my nose when I’m due on. For the first time in years I’ve experienced painful red pimples on my face, it’s crazy that this bothered me. As a teen I had bad acne so a few pimples shouldn’t bother me but they did.


Heavy, swollen and warm breasts. I thought you only experience this when you’re milk comes in after birth. But no! It can happen when you stop breastfeeding and it hurts. People suggest sage tea, putting cabbage leaves in your bra, and ibuprofen to help. I’m currently coping with ibuprofen and warm baths.


I know that your periods come back or regulate when you stop breastfeeding. But I didn’t know that until your hormones go back to normal your periods can stay irregular and you can have random spotting in between. If you want to stop breastfeeding I suggest you carry pads in your handbag.

Mood swings.

I really had no idea it can cause you to have mood swing but apparently it’s a common side effect. I felt so bad when I asked my partner if I’ve been moodier than normal. I didn’t even get to finish my sentence and he was like ‘yep, definitely’ . Funny thing is I had noticed I was feeling really frustrated but thought I was holding it in. oops.

All of these side effects are just your hormones being out of whack and trying to regulate, but boy is it a lot to get used to.

Are you thinking of weening?

Or did you have any odd side effects when you stopped breastfeeding?




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