Make up bag essentials (simple glow)


I am a lover of bold full glam make up looks, however on a daily basis running around with two babies it’s just not gonna happen. So I have a few ‘go to‘ makeup items that that give me a quick simple natural look. I thought I’d share my makeup bag essentials as I hate looking at someone’s makeup wondering ‘what did you use?’


Of course there are alternatives and dupes to these products but these are the ones I use. My makeup bag is a real mixture of drugstore and premium range items, I do genuinely prefer some drugstore items.



I’m completely in love with dewy skin and a glowing highlight, and these products make that super easy to achieve. Those sleek face form and precious metal palettes are life! They are amazing. My Smashbox primer is also something I can’t live without, I’m terrible for constantly touching my face throughout the day and this primer keeps me looking fresh. If I don’t use it I feel like my makeup becomes patchy as the day progresses.

If I don’t wear makeup and I’m going out of the house I always slap some brows on. I feel like you as long as your brows are groomed you can still look put together… My eyebrows though, are not so well groomed, I am currently growing parts out as I was victim to the pencil thin brow phase and they never quite grew back. Nyx Tame and frame pomade is my saviour! It’s so affordable and easy to use that I can literally do my brows in less than a minute and look human again lol.

I change my makeup products so much that I don’t really become attached to anything for long but these few products are staples I can’t live without.

Do you have any ride or die make up products you can’t go without?

And what’s your favorite highlighter?



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