The Mom Complex.

The Mom Complex.

This is something I see myself battling daily, I’m not even sure if it’s a real thing or not but that’s what I’m calling it ‘the Mom complex’. So my self-diagnosed ailment is this, that feeling of… but I’m a mom.

Waking up and getting dressed in the morning with at least three outfit changes. Due to talking myself out of wearing the clothes I wore before becoming a mother. As if there is a uniform once you become a mom. The funny thing is it’s me labelling myself not society or my partner asking me if I’m sure I want to go out in what I’m wearing.

Those 9 months of telling yourself you are going to be a ‘yummy mummy’. No matter what you won’t fall into the habit of mom jeans and baggy tops. Yet here I am hanging on to the post-partum granny knickers and doing cleavage checks before I step out the door.

I refuse to become ‘mumsy’, yes I am a mother of two but I’m only a twenty something mom of a two year and 4 month old. So I am consciously making an effort now to feel sexy. Even with the wobbly skin and stretch marks I refuse to lose my identity to this label of ‘mom’.

Now I don’t necessarily mean sexy in the sense of appearance but the feeling. Something as small as not putting off that wax, a relaxing bath or painting your nails can make you feel sexy and what woman doesn’t want to feel that way. I think it’s time to burn those maternity pants and ‘comfort’ clothes and embark on a journey of getting my identity back.

Is this all in my head or is this a real thing?

Do any moms out there feel they have to ‘look’ like a Mom?





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