Newborn Essentials- What Do You Need?

Newborn Essentials- What Do You Need?

This time last year I was 38 weeks pregnant with baby number two, double and triple checking that I had everything I would ‘need’ for the new arrival. I promised myself I wouldn’t go overboard this time. I would just buy essentials as I had unopened bottles, nappies and sleepsuits that I never got round to using with my eldest.

So when my baby was born I was so sure I hadn’t over done it as I thought I shopped ‘smart’ this time around. She is now about to turn one and we have still ended up with bin liners full of outfits she never got to wear and miscellaneous things we never got to use. I don’t know what happens in our brains to make us believe that we really need all of this stuff.

Pregnancy Pics #itsfeliciajuliana

Maybe it’s keeping up with the Joneses or actually falling in love with every adorable newborn outfit. Whatever it is… it’s insane. Of course we are naturally going to get over excited and sometimes not knowing what we need makes us buy everything ‘just in case’. But the amount of stuff I hear people say they never got round to using is ridiculous.

I thought I would compile a list of new born essentials. This may seem really minimal but bear in mind this is essentials, to me everything else is want we want not need. Hopefully this will help someone.

New born essential checklist #itsfeliciajuliana

Pregnancy Pics #itsfeliciajuliana

Are you an expectant mother?

Or maybe a mum who also went overboard?





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