NYX- My Favorite Drugstore Brand.


I am so fussy with makeup, and usually switch between brands and products. I find it hard to fall in love with a product. I also have a horrible reputation for not liking much at the drugstore. That all changed when I tried NYX I have always loved Sleeks eyeshadow and blush pallets but that’s just about it from the drugstore. About 7 years ago i had the NYX jumbo pencil in milk, I was given it as a gift from America. It was the best thing ever, I used it as a base and on my water line and when I ran out I was heartbroken as I couldn’t find it in the UK.

When Nyx became readily available in the UK I got to ordering, I had heard great reviews on the soft matte lip creams so I did a bulk order and got 8 shades as well as a few other products. I was amazed, like everyone I loved a matte lip but hated the dry sensation. With these lip creams that became a thing of the past.

I soon got to trying and testing more of their products. They have so many great quality and affordable products and a few of them have become staples in my makeup routine. Daily I use the tame & frame pomade and cake powder on my brows. The tame & frame is enough on its own, I just like to set my whole face so I use the cake powder to set.

The matte liquid liner is amazing, when I first bought it I thought it didn’t really matter if your eyeliner is matte. I still kind of believe that but I think the fact that it is matte adds to how super black it sets on the eye. It’s the only eyeliner I don’t layer.

Last but not least the pièce de résistance the strobe of genius pallet, I cannot live without this higher pallet. I use it every single day and have used every shade. I use it not only as a highlight, but as an eyeshadow, tear duct colour and sometimes on the centre of my lips to add a highlight. It gives you the perfect subtle highlight, if that is what you like. But I build it up, it blends seamlessly and has a beautiful wet like finish.

I have never been so impressed by a brand, some of their products are brilliant dupes for high end brands. The other products are great original concepts. If you have not tried any of their products I suggest you do.

What’s your favourite drugstore brand?

Do you like NYX?



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