Promotional Photography

night time shoot

Promotional photography for artists can be extremely boring or actually quite fun. Rather than the stereotypical white backdrop and black and white edit I prefer to shoot with colour and contrast. This allows for images to get as creative as you like and be memorable, which is what you want for any promo. I find these three areas are crucial to any type of photoshoot:


Styling for a photo shoot is immensely important, especially if the photography is for any kind of PR. This series I styled and shot (makeup too), but the key element of these photos were definitely the styling.


copyright of Felicia-Juliana Photography

Colour and texture

It’s all visual, when we see photography it pull’s us in to that particular moment. When choosing colours and textures we must bare this in mind. Soft faux furs and bold animal print create a warm and alluring scene whilst deep bold plum and purple tones work as an inviting alternative focal point.


copyright of Felicia-Juliana Photography

Soft lighting

The choice of lighting can completely change an image; these photos were actually shot at night with artificial soft lighting (umbrella lights) which creates this ‘touchable’ looking skin. Natural lighting can also allow this affect whereas harsh flash photography will make every imperfection stand out in a photo.




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