Shadow Play

Shadow Play

This is a Photo series I shot exploring shadow play, I’m obsessed with heavy shadows and high contrast. I don’t know if it’s because of my love for all things sultry or due to a weird peter pan obsession but I really have a thing for shadows and silhouettes.


copyright of Felicia-Juliana Photography

Here we played with artificial lighting and various reflectors to create the super sultry and feminine ambiance in this series.

When doing makeup for photography it is so important to think about the lighting being used and work with colours and textures that are going to stand out in the photos. It’s crazy because often photographic makeup will look like intense “cake face” in person but it’s all so it stands out with the lighting being used.


copyright of Felicia-Juliana Photography

I am 100% trigger happy I will take 10+ frames just to get my one perfect frame but I’m just comfortable shooting that way. It makes final photo selection that much easier, well that’s my excuse anyway.


copyright of Felicia-Juliana Photography

I’d love to one creative direct on somebody else’s photo shoot. I love being behind the camera but I find all the behind the scenes work so interesting. Building a set, hair, make up, puling fabrics and pieces to style with… Just realised how super girly I sound. So I’m going to stop right there and remember I grew up a tomboy. Never thought I’d end up gushing over prints and textures.




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  1. itsfeliciajuliana
    28th September 2016 / 11:02 am

    Thanks alot hun, i appreciate that so much xfjx