Trust Thyself ( The Importance Of Self-Trust).

Trust Thyself ( The Importance Of Self-Trust).

“Trust Thyself: Every heart vibrates to that iron string”.- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do You trust yourself?

We often trust the views and opinion of friends and acquaintances without doubt. Yet we rarely trust ourselves, real self-trust is when you honestly trust yourself and the decisions you make.

Self-trust is such a big part of self-care, you are allowing yourself to take care of your own needs and safety. We often lose self-trust due to fear of failure or not being accepted, yet we need these to take a step back and re-evaluate situations.

 Do you seek validation from those around you?

We are raised to seek permission for our actions, asking to go to the bathroom, to leave the classroom and sometimes even to speak. This is great for learning boundaries and discipline, but it can leave you yearning for validation. As we enter adult life and start making life changing decisions it is easy to constantly ask people if this “is ok” and if someone is hesitant or negative in their answer we doubt ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with asking someone’s opinion on something, if you take it as just that, an opinion.

Can someone’s opinion negatively affect you without meaning to offend?

The problem with opinion is it is personal and a person’s opinion is rarely objective.  When you get someone’s opinion you are getting their fears, values and experience which often leaves you out of the equation.

Opinion is one thing but in life you will also get the unsolicited opinions of your peers. This is down to you to filter, ask yourself where is their opinion coming from? Sometimes we let the insecurities of others determine our choices.

Not all opinions come from a negative place so we must filter and decide what will work in our lives.

Are you indecisive?

Sometimes simple decision making seems like a mammoth task and we find ourselves umming ahhing or putting off committing to a decision. Daily scenarios like what to wear or what to eat can be daunting which makes real decision making seem impossible. Trust your ability to decide, you are capable.

Bad decisions are usually life lessons that come in handy further down the line.

Make yourself a promise or set a goal. Go and achieve this because you trust that you can.