Tears, Tantrums and Talking-The Terrible Two’s.

Tears, Tantrums and Talking-The Terrible Two’s.

Nobody wants to believe their beautiful, sweet newborn is going to hit the terrible two’s. I thought people were exaggerating, even trying to psych me out. But the time has come and my little ‘angel’ is putting me through the wringer. I know it’s not by choice but boy have these last few months been trying.


It’s as if I have another child, my daughter has become so sensitive and clingy. Is so odd as she was not like this as a baby at all, she has always been extremely outgoing. Lately every chance she gets asking for cuddles and follows me around like a tail. And I’m a monster when I say no or want to be alone…. Okay I mean go to the bathroom let’s just put it out there. I have to bargain with her to give me a few minutes to myself its madness. She will literally cry for anything, I’ve even asked her why she is crying and once she actually replied ‘I don’t know’.  She cries for attention, if she ‘hurts herself’ and I say it like that because I mean the littlest thing and everything needs a plaster or medicine. She cries because she’s tired…. This is a child who has slept in her own room and through the whole night since she was 5 months old. I just don’t get it.


This I understand… To a point. Most of the tantrums my daughter has are due to miscommunication or her not understanding context. She is picking up new words every day and is very good at letting you know what she wants. However now if I tell her off it becomes an argument as she now has words and likes to use them. It’s hard to get your point across as mommy when you have a 2 year old telling you ‘stop shouting’ and ‘no, I don’t want’. Sometimes I feel as if I have smoke coming from my head and I’m about to explode. I end up at the point we have to be in separate rooms for me to calm down and re-evaluate the situation. Now logically I know it must be confusing to her as I tell her not to shout and usually love her expressing what she likes and dislikes. However when you are being told off is not the time to start ‘expressing yourself’.


When your baby gets to around 6 months you can’t help but get this feeling of ‘I can’t wait till you can talk’. Ha ha…. Yes you can! Kids learning to talk are great, finally they can tell you what’s wrong and how they feel. Alongside that you get the repetitive question of why? At different volumes and pitches as if it will change the outcome. This also happens with my name (mummy) she literally calls me just so I answer and says nothing. Absolutely nothing but mum or mummy again within the next minute and the repeats.

‘It’s a phase’ that’s what everyone says but a bloody long phase I tell you that. I love watching her grow and seeing her develop. It’s just a matter of finding a balance and some patience because I lack patience in every aspect of my life.

Has anyone else gone through the terrible twos?

How did you find a balance?


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  1. itsfeliciajuliana
    20th February 2017 / 8:21 pm

    Thanks alot hun, I will definitely read it xfjx