The September Issue

The September Issue

Although January marks the beginning of a new year for many, September has a bigger impact. With the school year starting in September we grew up with this time of year being the beginning of a new chapter. In the fashion industry September is just that, the start of a new fashion season, Autumn/Winter. This is the time of year we start buying winter wardrobe essentials and dusting off the key winter pieces we have accumulated in our wardrobes. And lets not forget fashion week, fashion for the big 4 (New York, London, Paris, Milan) falls in September and February.

In the world of fashion magazines the September issue is the biggest issue of the year and often a chance for the magazine to make a statement with the cover. Not only is this issue a big deal but it is physically the biggest issue of the year, with more pages and more advertisements and photo campaigns than any other month.

The Vogue September issue is highly anticipated by many with the September cover being the most coveted cover of the year. This year british vogue have released an absolutely iconic 3 page fold out cover ‘Activism Now’. The powerful black and white cover features Marcus Rashford, international footballer and child poverty campaigner with Adwoa Aboa, model and mental health activist. The fold out showcases 18 inspirational people of this time who are actively becoming the voices of change. British Vogue continue to consider and showcase the current climate crisis, be it gender inequality, systemic racism, disability discrimination ect. Edward Enninful is truly an ally and makes sure real life issues are being acknowledged by the BV brand.

The September issue is known to set the tone for the year and with the chaotic and unpredictable year 2020 has been ‘Activism Now’ provides a glimmer of hope for the future. Gone are the days of fashion magazines solely featuring super skinny, white models and what’s hot or not content. Fashion is not fabric alone, it is culture, technique, artistry and history. The last few months have allowed us to have a more intimate view of the ins and outs of the industry with both models and designers speaking candidly on their platforms and addressing how the industry has developed and where there is room for reform.


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