Thought Of The Day- Say No.


I don’t know where The belief that it is rude/wrong to say no came from or that if you do an explanation is required. Maybe everyone has a genuine want to help others or maybe not, is it a fear of disappointing others? Often we feel guilty saying no or obliged to do what is being asked. But why? From a young age we are taught that if you ask for something the answer could be yes or no. Also that both answers are valid, as you are not owed anything.

However it seems that no, is not received well at all and so we refrain from using it and end up in situations that could have been avoided. I’m guilty of this, I am aware of it so over the last few years I’ve actively tried to shake the habit.

Now I’m not suggesting anyone walk around saying no to things just for the sake of it at all. Simply thinking when you begin to answer a question with I don’t know, erm, ummmm, im not sure, maybe… Is it that you don’t know? Or are you just avoiding saying no?

They say the happiest people say no daily. Sounds a little extreme but how often do you agree to something that in fact takes away from your happiness? Now by agreeing I don’t mean specifically saying yes. We live in a time when not saying no is often taken as yes and we accept it.

So my thought is, try saying no, I don’t want, you can’t, I won’t…. sometimes these negative phrases result in positive self-affirmation.

Allow Yourself To Be Happy.




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