Lets Talk: Vaginal Steaming.

Lets Talk: Vaginal Steaming.

Let’s talk about that ‘time of the month that most of us ladies dread. Periods. I have had constantly bad periods since my adolescents that have gradually become worse over the years. From the crippling cramps, nausea and fatigue to feeling overly sensitive and crying at adverts I see daily. PMS comes along and takes the wheel leaving me a blubbering mess


I have heavy, painful, irregular periods with a cycle that can vary from 33 days to 50 days. Over the years I’ve tried various pain killers and nothing really seems to help. So after having my monthly moan to my sister she asked me if I had tried Vaginal Steaming. I didn’t have a clue what she was on about so she sent me a few videos on it. I thought I may as well give it a try as I am a sucker for holistic therapies and no medicine had helped me.


What Is Vaginal Steaming?


Vaginal Steaming also known as yoni steaming and v-steaming. Is an age old practice whereby women sit over steaming water containing herbs that promote feminine health. This practice has been used in so many different places throughout history.


Benefits of Vaginal Steaming.


Different herbs are said to promote different things but generally yoni steaming Is said to:

  • Ease menstrual cramps.
  • Increase fertility.
  • Treat symptoms of PCOS, Endometriosis and Uterine Fibroids
  • Aid in postpartum recovery.
  • Regulate irregular or absent periods.
  • Treat vaginal odour and yeast infections.


I have been steaming for 5 months now, I steam weekly (except during menstruation). My irregular periods have become somewhat regular with my cycle now being between 30-38 days. Also my cramps are rarely painful now, my first period post steaming was very heavy but since then they are quite light with little to no pain.


How Do I Steam?

  • First I bathe.
  • I place a cup of herbs (I store them pre mixed) into a pot of boiling water.
  • Cover for 10-15 minutes to steep and cool down.
  • I then transfer the mixture into a heat proof dish.
  • Squat over the dish for 20  minutes with a blanket around my naked bottom half.
  • Go to bed and keep blankets wrapped about my body.


I do this weekly but I know some people steam daily for the few days leading up to their cycle. So many people do it slightly differently. The beauty of v-steaming is that you can adapt it for yourself. Even the herbs you choose to use, mugwart, motherwart, calendula (marigold), basil and marshmallow root are commonly used in yoni steams. But you can add and mix your own blend that works for you, therapeutic herbs have different uses so you can adjust your mix to suit your needs.


Yoni steaming has changed my menstrual experience so much. If you have suffer with yours I would definitely recommend it.


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